le vendredi 3 février 2017

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Le site du jour:3 Hebdomadaire Ideas to Learn the French Days of the Week
FSF 1P & FSF 2D /3U
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous faisons une introduction au cours et à nous-mêmes. We are doing an introduction to the course and each other.
  • Review course outlines available in The HUB in the module called "Course Introduction" and went over together. Read with your parents/guardians.  Use iPad or cell phone agenda or buy a paper agenda to help you stay organised for your classes. Good learning skills contribute to better work (and higher marks).    
  • Go over some classroom rules/procedures - see post on this blog labelled "Classroom procedures" for details.
  • Note: it is important to do some home study every evening Monday - Thursday which could be spending time on Duolingo or other French learning games or watching a film or TV show in French. Check this blog post for ideas: Home Study Extras
  • Student Information sheet.
  • Practice sheet handout - vocabulary. 
  • If done, download app Duolingo or go to the website, register - can use same username as for your school account - and begin. 
  • les devoirs: Should be spending 15 - 20 minutes daily on French home study Monday through Thursday. If all class work is completed, follow suggestions in Home Study extras
    • finish filling in "Comment montrer du respect/ Be respectful" handout for group activity tomorrow, or at least think about it and the vocabulary needed in French as much as possible.
    • Read over course information sheet with parents/guardians

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