le mardi 30 mai 2017

Le site du jour: Giant Marionettes Came And Conquered Downtown Montreal For The City's 375th Birthday (Photos)
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le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons de notre maison.
  • Nous écoutons - listening assessment DELF A1 (Didier pg.14, act.6 & 7)
  • Ma maison, chez moi: (support materials are in the HUB)
    • video: Là où je dors - Luan - S1E2 Watch. Note name, where lives, words that you hear in French - on own, then in small groups. 
    • project (l'examen oral) - describing own room or house, or ideal house. Creating success criteria together using Mindomo - Là où je dors. Start planning your video.
    • mots cherchés (wordsearch) Download from the HUB into Notability. 
    • Quizlet - la maison - vocabulary test Thursday June 1
    • Quizlet - la maison 2 - just for variety and to add words you might use in your own video.
  • Bingo -  51 à 100 
  • les devoirs: Should be spending 15 - 20 minutes daily on French home study Monday through Thursday. If all class work is completed, follow suggestions in Home study extras
    • la maison - vocabulary quiz Thurs June 1.
    • l'examen oral - ideas and planning. Video due Tues. June 13.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons des structures linguistiques.

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