le lundi 15 juin 2015

Site of the day: Learn French with music
See post: Michel Payment - la musique for photos of the words, links to videos and some photos from our special activity.
Exam information - link
FSF 1D and FIF 1D
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous montrons notre compréhension orale. 
  • Listening exam today. Did in class. 
  • Oral/speaking exam: was Thurs June 11 and Friday in library with iPads using app Explain Everything or video recording. Submit exam (share on Google Drive), handout and index card plan for the evaluation. 
  • Went over choices of topics for written composition of exam - posted in Exam information link above. Will give handout tomorrow.
  • les devoirs: Students should be doing 20 minutes or so of home study each evening Mon - Thurs. 
    • Exam preparation. Review for written part of exam.
    • blog/journal: Entire blog/journal with paper checklist was due Fri. May 15. See FSF 1D journal/blog or FIF journal/blog or handout given in February for details. Most students have already handed this in. Last day to hand in: Wed. June 17. 
    • Duolingo or suggestions in this post: Home Study extras
    •  FIF 1DNotre-Dame de Paris  - newspaper article - was due Fri May 8. All parts must be submitted with late explanation note. Last day to hand in: Wed. June 17. 
  • Reading/film study: Au revoir les enfants
    • Reviewed questions for scenes 1-5 and watched more of film.

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