le lundi 26 mars 2018

Le site du jour: Google Translate Sings: "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic
Image result for titanicFSF 3U
le but d'apprentissage: Nous parlons d'un débat. 
  • la chanson de lundi:  LyricsTraining:Trois Heures Vingt (Audio) Céline Dion  or LyricsTraining: Et Je T'aime Encore - Céline Dion
  • Un débat: discussion of procedures, decision on topic
  • ReadingLes origines du chocolat. See details in the HUB module “Reading: la lecture” 
  • optional: Oral skills self-assessment: from the HUB module "auto-évaluation". 
  • les devoirs: Should be spending 20 - 30 minutes daily on French home study Monday through Thursday. If all class work is completed, follow suggestions in Home Study extras
    • Mon blogue - le chocolat - publish if not already done
    • Ma présentation d'une chanson: See the HUB module "les chansons" submodule "Discovering New Music".
Learning goal: We are reading a novel.
  • The Giver: 
    • Review chapters 1 & 2, read chapter 3 and do questions. 
  • QuizUp - sign in or install the app and sign up. Try some of the quizzes with a partner in class. 
  • My personality:   to the Dropbox in the HUB module "My personality". 
  • Homework: Flipboard  
    • My personality - see the HUB for details.
    • A Canadian athlete - poster & presentation  
    • Newsela: https://newsela.com/quickjoin/#/4XBVZJ   
      • Our class code is4XBVZJ Log in. Should have completed 4 articles. 
    FSF 1D
    le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous écoutons la musique.

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