le mardi 24 avril 2018

le but d'apprentissage: Nous créons une bande annonce.
  • Auto-évaluation: Les habiletés d’apprentissage & les habitudes de travail
    • goal-setting - personal and class, final exams - write simple blog article in
      HWDSB Commons
  • Le livret pour les nuls - iMovie trailer
  • la musique: Ma présentation d'une chanson: See the HUB module "les chansons" submodule "Discovering New Music".
    • les devoirs: Should be spending 20 - 30 minutes daily on French home study Monday through Thursday. If all class work is completed, follow suggestions in Home Study extras
        ENG 1L
        Learning goal: We are comparing a novel and the film adaptation.
        • Self-evaluation: Learning skills and Work habits: self evaluation - ENG 1L - mid-semester report
          • goal setting - Start, Stop, Continue - on own blog in HWDSB Commons or paper
        • Newspaper: The Hamilton Spectator - trivia contest - today! Check out today's paper: TheSpec (link) Log in with my school email bkukhtaj@hwdsb.on.ca and the password is on the board. Follow the instructions on the poster at the back of the classroom. 
        • The Giver: 
          • some time to get caught up on quizzes missed
          • Homework: Flipboard  
          • Catch up on reading and quizzes for The Giver if behind. 
          • Newsela (link):  Our class code is4XBVZJ
            Image result for black mFSF 1D
            le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous écoutons et lisons et écrivons.

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