le mercredi 7 mars 2012

  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment parler du passé.
  • Handed in comparative essay "Quelle histoire..".  If not handed in at the beginning of class, it is late and must be submitted with a late note (see blog label for details).
  • Conversation activity: Les débuts des phrases in groups with cards.  Handout to help for ideas for journal/blog.  If not caught up (we are in week 5), make sure to get caught up during the March Break.  See assignment handout given in February for details.
  • le passé simple & le passé composé: quiz demain.  Checked homework (yesterday's handout) with answer keys posted on back bulletin board.  Do pre-quiz to study tonight.  Tomorrow's quiz is the opposite of that handout - you will re-write le passé simple into le passé composé for the quiz.
  • les devoirs: Prepare for quiz le passé simple & le passé composé.  Try using internet resources to help you study.
    • Catch up on any other work not yet done.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment parler d'une routine.
  • Work time for "Quelle journée".  La bande dessinée and presentations due tomorrow.  There will be time to practise the presentation tomorrow before presentations.
    • Success criteria for Quelle Journée:
      • Brainstorm (les idées) and le brouillon (rough copy) of sentences signed and edited
      • title page
      • the comic (on computer or hand-drawn)
      • 8 reflexive verbs, 2 adjectives, 2 other verbs
      • ideal or horrible day
      • images connect to the story
      • includes dialogue and narration
      • presented with little reading and some expression
  • les devoirs: Finish Quelle Journée- comic and practise presentation.  Due tomorrow.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment parler du passé.
  • Work time for "Dr. Phil" project.  Presentations tomorrow.  Follow guidelines on your handout to complete it successfully.
  • les devoirs: Dr. Phil - dû demain

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