le jeudi 16 février 2012

Back from St. Donat, Québec.  Excellent French experience trip - lots of winter activities in French.  We're already planning for next year's trip - Feb. 2013.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment mieux lire.
  • Assembly: School procedures and option sheets.
  • Reviewed what accomplished in last 3 days.
  • les devoirs: Re-read La Parure and make sure you have answered all questions in point form as much as possible.  Spend 1/2 hour on French homework each evening Mon - Thurs.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment mieux écrire.
  • rechauffement: les nombres (un jeu).
  • les verbes irréguliers - être, avoir, faire, aller - Tic-tac-toe - un jeu, mini-quiz and corrections, quiz tomorrow.
  • Qui suis-je? la rédaction (peer editing).  Bonne copie dû demain.  Hand in all parts - cover page, bonne copie, brouillon, le plan.
  • les devoirs: Study for quiz tomorrow.
    • Finish good copy of Qui suis-je? and assemble all parts.
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment décrire les gens.
  • les adjectifs: Tic-tac-toe - jeu, le quiz - les corrections, re-test Feb 23.
  • Marchez dans mes souliers: Gallery walk of the posters and wrote comments on sticky notes to add to posters.
  • reading: La Machine à rajeunir - started chapter 1 - highlighted words that look like English, words you already know and words that you will need to look up in lexique or dictionary, then read section 1 together.
  • les devoirs: Finish poster "Marchez dans mes souliers" and composition "Le commencement de FSF 2D" with late note (see blog posting "late assignments" for details).  Re-read section 1 of chapter 1 story.

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