le lundi 27 février 2012

Reminder to all classes: Journal/blog entries - do one every week to stay caught up.  See my blog post labelled " Journal/blog topics semester 2, 2011-2012" or the calendar posted in the classroom for the weekly suggested topic.  You are always free to choose your own topic.
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment faire un resumé d'une histoire.
  • BBC French website BBC French - Cool French - slang from France
  • Reviewed progress on story "Une Vendetta" and worked in groups to produce and present a resumé of the story in 10 sentences or less.  Discussed respectful listening skills.
  • With group, started a Venn Diagram or other organizer to list similarities and differences in the 2 Maupassant stories we read (La Parure & Une Vendetta).  To be completed tomorrow and will be used to help create a comparative essay.
  • les devoirs: Re-read the 2 stories and note other similarities and differences.
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment parler d'une routine.
  • Reminder: Hand in Qui suis-je? and Venn diagram if not already in.  These assignments are VERY late.
  • Speaking in groups: Comment était le weekend?
  • Ma routine: lesson and note on board.  How to form and use reflexive verbs.
  • La Journée d'Arnold: handout story.  Read and highlighted reflexive verbs then in groups, prepared une saynète (skit) for assigned section to present tomorrow.
  • les devoirs: Practise la saynète de la journée d'Arnold.
    • Go to Zondle.com - French games to practise reflexive verbs.  Log in: 2507-6336 (corrected code - was posted incorrectly the first time)
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment décrire quelqu'un ou quelque chose.
  • test: les adjectifs.  Time to review first.
  • La Machine à rajeunir - finish Chapter 1 questions.
  • les devoirs: finish Chapter 1 questions.

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