le mardi 29 mars 2016

Site of the day: Pâques en France

FSF 2D  

le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons des événements au passé. 
  • Literature circles: in small groups, using handouts and books that students chose, work on a section of the book - optional - listen to book on CD
  • les devoirs: Should be spending 15 - 20 minutes daily on French home study Monday through Thursday. If all class work is completed, follow suggestions in: Home Study extras
learning goal: We are reading the novel "Speak".
  •  Watched: Confounding discrepancies between American English and British English
  • "Speak"
    • Speak -  discussion questions #5 pages 104-123 and connection to current events. Continue to organize your notes to keep for review at end of book for evaluation. 
    • read, discussion questions (make notes) and vocabulary for pages 123-144. 
  • Homework: Get in the habit of doing 20 - 30 minutes of English homework every night Monday to Thursday. Review lessons, extend your knowledge or read.
    • Independent reading. Bring a book to read quietly in class for any time that you finish your class work early. Read regularly at home.
FSF 1D  
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous écrivons des blogues.

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