le jeudi 27 septembre 2012

le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Comment donner les directives.
  • l'impératif: How to tell someone to do something - checked Loto card homework from yesterday  then played the game.  Different handout for students who didn't finish making the Loto game.
  • Une course de relai - read handout, explained, demonstrated, formed teams, practiced, then did for time to find a winning team.
    • Started making own course de relai with team (handout planning sheet)
  • les devoirs:
    • think about activities to do in your team's relay race
    • get your binder organized with dividers.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Comment parler des histoires au passé.
  • le passé composé - handout package - does not have to be completed for tomorrow.  Work on it in several sessions and make notes to help you remember it.  There will be test later.  Answers are posted on the back bulletin board.
  • handout "So you think you have problems" activities C & D.  Answers posted on back bulletin board.  This should be finished for tomorrow.
  • les devoirs:
    • work 20 - 30 min on passé composé and "problems" handouts
    • get your binder organized with dividers.
GLC203I (careers)
le but d'apprentissage: Comment faire un curriculum vitae.
  • Worked in computer lab on Curriculum vitae (le C.V.) and/or portfolio.  Some sites for helping plan CV/résumé:  http://www.businessballs.com/resume.htm   CV tips for France
  • les devoirs:
    • Mon portfolio - due tomorrow - Fri Sept 28, but may hand in on Mon Oct 1 without being counted as late (advantage - hand in on Fri = no homework for weekend).  Make sure you follow the instructions on the assignment handout given last week.
    • Curriculum Vitae - not due until probably late next week

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