le lundi 10 septembre 2012

Terry Fox run/walk Friday September 14, 10:52 - 11:51.  Permission forms and donation due asap.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Comment survivre en français.
  • Did diagnostic test.
  • Talked about survival skills in class and in French.
  • video: Mission Survie - introduction to this unit and the challenges.f
  • les devoirs:  Make a list in French of minimum 10 foods you like and 5 that you don't like
    • get your binder organized with dividers
    • Get signature on course outline if not already done. 
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Comment écrire mieux en français.
Went to computer lab today.
  • l'écriture diagnostique: returned compled, marked assignments.  Handed in those that were finished over the weekend.  Must still hand in, but is now late.
  • Checked out my blog and optional - set up own in Blogger or Wordpress or other site.
  • Used www.BonPatron.com to edit own diagnostic task - but only if already marked and returned.  Please don't use it yet if work was not completed.
  • Explored site Tex's French Grammar, WordReference.com and other French sites to help improve writing.
  • les devoirs:  a reflection: What are you doing well?  What will you do to improve?
    • organize your notebook/binder
GLC203I (careers)
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Comment mieux me connaitre.
  • Sondage: Quel talent? 
  • les intelligences multiples - article, booklet and quiz - done in groups and handed in.
  • le cerveau droit/gauche - sondage
  • les devoirs:  Reflexion - what have you learned so far?  How do these questionaires and insights combine to help you know yourself better?
    • Organize your binder.

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