le lundi 21 octobre 2013

le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment éviter la répétition.
  • Today, M. Moore, our stagière from Brock University, started teaching the class.  We made name cards to help him get to know us.
  • Handed in Facebook activity.  See handout & blog posts from last week for more information if needed & follow directions carefully.  Good copy was due Fri Oct 18 - typed, handwritten, or electronic & emailed to teacher.  Can hand in on Mon Oct 21, not late, but after today you must complete a "late assignment note" - signed by parent - to hand in with the project.
  • les pronoms d'objet direct - lesson, SmartBoard, discussion, examples, note, TicTacToe game, handout for practice activity
    • les devoirs: 20 - 30 min
      • fiche - les pronoms
      • Facebook bonne copie - paper or electronic - past due, needs late note also
    FSF 3U
    le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment mieux lire.
    • Watched  la météo - video for Québec, then a student described the weather in Hamilton using the predictions on the website.
    • Le Bossu de Notre-Dame:
      • talked about ideas for assessments of book
      • read ch. 19  & 20 & discussed & questions A - D - oral (in class, or, by phone if needed)
      • do summary (in French!).  This will be handed in next week.  Include:
        • les personnages principaux
        • la scene (quand & où)
        • l'action (à peu près 5 phrases)
        • vocabulaire importante - entre 5 à 10 mots (see question C for ideas)
    • les devoirs:  20 - 30 minutes
      • Le Bossu de Notre-Dame, to end of ch.20, finish reading, resume.

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