le lundi 9 février 2015

Site of the day: Duolingo
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous créons les normes de notre classe.
  • Watched Simple Plan & Marie-Mai: Jet Lag as listening and singing activity.
  • Returned assessments for oral assessment activity "Mon Introduction/Parler de moi-même".  Students who did not yet submit this must still do so - on own or see Ms.K-J to find time and an iPad to use this week.  Follow instructions on handout with the rubric.  
  • Soyez respectueux.  Class discussion and individual brainstorming on a handout to prepare for group discussions.  Think about what written today in class and add ideas for homework.
  • les devoirs:
    • Reflection and completion of handout "Soyez respectueux".
    • Must complete oral assessment recording "Mon introduction" and email the link to Ms.K-J if not completed in class.  Please send that as soon as possible.
    • Organize your binder with 4 dividers. See course outline for labels for sections.  Use cell phone agenda or buy a paper agenda to help you stay organized for your classes.
    • Spend 15 - 20 minutes on French.  Use Duolingo or suggestions in this post: Home Study extras

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