ENG 2D To Kill a Mockingbird

Literature circles, partners, semi-independent, semi-self-paced work.

Students will read the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" in sections (chapter groups) as outlined on the tracking chart they received in class Fri. Dec. 4. They may choose to work by themselves or in a small group. They may wish to access an audio book from the Hamilton Public Library or through the internet if there is one available. 

 For each section of the book, they should:

  • complete the vocabulary page then check and correct their answers using the answer key booklets from the counter or from photos below here.
  • then read the chapters
  • then do the discussion questions, preferably with a small group and by taking notes, then checking their answers with the same booklet answer keys - from classroom or photos here
  • Record progress and marks for quizzes using the chart provided in their package from Friday
  • Re-read the chapters to prepare for the quiz.
The schedule of quizzes (done individually, closed book):
  • Dec.8: Ch.1-3 and ch.4-7
  • Dec.9: Ch. 8-9
  • Dec.10: Ch. 10-11
  • Dec.11: Ch. 12 - 14
  • Dec. 14: Ch. 15-17
  • Dec. 15: Ch. 18 - 21
  • Dec. 16: Ch. 22 - 25
  • Dec. 17: Ch. 26 - 31
Please note: if a student is absent for a quiz, they will be expected to write it on the next day along with that day's quiz. 
Students have the option of working faster than the schedule. They can ask to do a quiz anytime they have finished a section of chapters. 





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