le jeudi 12 avril 2012

  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment mieux comprendre "la Route de Chlifa"
  • presented newspaper article in small groups.
  • Guest speaker about life in Liban (Lebanon)
  • La Route de Chlifa - handout and brief discussion about reading using Les cercles de littérature.  Informal for now.  Will use with roles starting next week and evaluated later.  Read in class pgs. 33- 55 and oral discussion questions (taking own notes).  Handout written questions not due yet.
  • les devoirs:  Questions about article "Liban" due tomorrow.  Continue reading La Route de Chlifa.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment parler du passé.
  • Watched Ma France Shopping Video A
  • "le petit quiz" le passé composé + être as self-assessment of readiness for tomorrow's quiz.
  • Rest of period - preparation for quiz.  Worked on handout package.  Answer keys posted in classroom.
  • les devoirs: Quiz tomorrow:  le passé composé + être
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment parler du passe.
  • Fire drill in the middle of the lesson!
  • lesson: le passe compose vs. l'imparfait - les evenements specifiques vs. les evenements habituels: discussion, classifying activity - see photos below, note of key words. Handout to practise. Quiz le mardi 17 avril.
  • Started reading ch.5 of La Machine a rajeunir
  • les devoirs: review key words for passe compose vs l'imparfait. Read some of ch. 5.

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