le jeudi 1er novembre 2012

Note: Take our Kids to Work Day - Wed. Nov 7. Forms due now.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment parler de la nourriture.
  • Watched Ma France Shopping B and did comprehension quiz.
  • handouts - les verbes aller & faire and Halloween puzzles - checked and corrected
  • les dialogues - au restaurant - Student book pgs 14 - 16 - practised with partner.  Will be recording a video later for assessment.
  • les devoirs: practice asking for and giving directions for assessment tomorrow or bring in pictures of foods (i.e. from supermarket flyers).
Le but d’apprentissage (learning goal): Comment mieux lire.
  • Reading Assessment : La dernière maison. Must be completed on own, not with partner or group. May use dictionaries (books or WiFi). Work silently on own. Hand in when done. Must hand in at end of class, even if not done.
  • Les verbes au present - handout chart (pink) – This will become a Reference page. This does not have to be entirely completed for tomorrow. Work on it in several sessions and make notes to help remember it. Keep it safe in binder. Consider putting it in a page protector. May use Bescherelle – books on shelves by window, or on www.bescherelle.com on SmartPhone or iPod. Answers will be posted on the back bulletin board if needed for checking – but students should not just copy them – they should try to figure it out.
  • Les devoirs (homework) : work 20 - 30 min on verbes au present or re-reading Cyrano Acte I.

GLC203I (careers)
le but d'apprentissage: Nous apprenons comment se préparer pour une carrière.
  • Acceder le marché – handout. Read on own or with a partner. Highlight most important information. Store neatly in binder.
  • Work period – culminating task: Engagement dans une profession.  We are in the computer lab 210 tomorrow. Must show me their completed research (handout) filled in by the end of tomorrow’s class, if they haven’t already done so. Poster/PowerPoint/scrapbook page final due date is Mon. Nov. 5, but they are encouraged to complete it for tomorrow.
  • les devoirs: culminating task Engagement dans une profession. Final due date: Mon. Nov 5, but should try to finish and submit Fri Nov 2. Must show research done by Fri. Nov 2.
    • Read article “Acceder le marché” if didn’t do in class.
    • Final exam is Tues Nov 6 during class time.  It is open book, so make sure your binder is complete and organized.

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