le mardi 6 novembre 2012

Note: Take our Kids to Work Day - Wed. Nov 7.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment parler de la nourriture.
  • Watched Ma France Eating out A.
  • les dialogues - au restaurant - Student book pgs 14 - 16:  practiced and videotaped for assessment.
  • Worked on posters: La nourriture. - dû le vendredi 9 nov. (20 - 30 different foods, labelled in French with "le, la, l' or les" and (m) or (f), 3 sentences with at least 3 foods in each:
    • J'aime ________, _________ et ___________.
    • Je n'aime pas________, _________ et ___________.
    • Je n'ai pas encore essayé ________, _________ et ___________.
  • les devoirs: practice dialogue for re-assessment Thursday
    • poster - la nourriture - dû le vendredi 9 nov.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment écrire une histoire d'un événement au passé.
  • review: le processus d'écrire - see yesterday's post  and also Nov. 2 for more information and also labelled post "the writing process/le processus d'écrire".
  • Time to work on story "un événement du passé" -  should have finished steps 1 & 2 - les idées, le plan - and started step 3 - le brouillon - dû demain for peer editing.  I checked on progress and gave suggestions for next steps and improvments.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac: re-read Acte I, scènes 5 à 7 pour demain - on va avoir une discussion.
  • les devoirs: "un événement du passé" - brouillon à double interligne - dû demain
    • Cyrano - re-read Acte I, scènes 5 à 7
GLC203I (careers)
le but d'apprentissage: Nous montrons ce qu'on a appris pendant ce cours de carrières.
  • Final exam today during class time. It is open book, with a binder that is complete and organized.
  • Dû Mon Nov 5: culminating task Engagement dans une profession. If not already in, must be submitted by the end of the day Fri Nov 9 (by 3:30 pm in person and by 11:59pm if submitting by email - use First Class for best results - just type in "bev kuk" and my address will be entered. If emailing from other systems, beverly.kukhta-jackson@hwdsb.on.ca . Must also have shown research done.
  • les devoirs:  All done!  Unless you have assignments not yet turned in.  Speak to Ms K-J about how you plan to recover this credit (i.e. pass the course).

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