The writing process/ le processus d'écriture

The Writing Process

Follow these steps to improve your writing, make it easier to write well, and to improve your marks. May be done by hand (written on papers) or on the computer. If done on the computer, make sure to use “save as” to keep a record of each step.
1. Brainstorming/ ideas:
  • a. Write the topic and start writing ideas of anything that comes to mind.
  • b. point form, not sentences
  • c. as much as possible in French, but ok to add words in English and look them up later.
  • d. Can be done as a list or randomly on the page or as a mind-map.
2. Le plan/ outline:
  • a. Still in point form, not sentences
  • b. Organize your point from your idea sheet – group together similar points, put in order – beginning, development, end/conclusion
  • c. Don’t need to use all ideas from brainstorming and may need to add ideas.
  • d. Should be all in French.
 3. Le brouillon (draft)
  • a. Sentences, simple and as correct as possible. Can combine sentences in second or third drafts.
  • b. Every other line (à double interligne) to allow white space for corrections and additions – own or peer edit.
4. Self and Peer editing
  •  a. Use tools available – spellcheck in Word (change language of document to French, or “detect automatically”, www.BonPatron.com, www.wordreference.com,
  • b. Use checklist if provided.
  • c. Correct spelling and grammar.
  • d. Content – has the writer completed the instructions of the assignment? Is there a clear beginning, development, ending/conclusion?
  • e. Style – How can the writer improve? Add detail – points, adjectives, adverbs? Eliminate points not needed? Stronger introduction/conclusion? Combine sentences? Change order of sentences or of words/clauses in sentences?
 5. La bonne copie (good copy)
  •  a. As correct and complete as possible.
  • b. Typed or neatly handwritten in ink.
  • c. Include title page with full name and date.
  • d. Every other line, one side of the page, pages numbered.
  • e. Neatly stapled or in a booklet.

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