le jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Reminder re: journal/blog.  We are in the 8th week of this assignment.  If you don't already have at least 6 entries done, get caught up.  See your handout or blog post "FIF 1D or FSF 3U journal/blog" in labels section for further details and topic ideas.  Due date: le 13 décembre.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment utiliser les phrases plus complexes.
    • Nous avons parlé un peu d'hier - Les jeunes au travail.
    • les pronoms:
      • révision - les pronoms relatifs qui et que - jeu avec les cartes - les phrases cassées
      • leçon - dont, ce qui, ce que ce dont - SmartBoard, handout note, discussion, examples, expressions of quantity, practice - fiche de travail
      • test - le jeudi 14 novembre
    • Notre-Dame de Paris 
      • Class time to edit/correct brouillon.  Hand in at end of class.  Tomorrow, we will be in the computer lab to work on good copy and use computer tools available to us for further editing.
    • les devoirs: 20 - 30 min
      • les pronoms - fiche de travail
      • Notre-Dame - bonne copie of composition due tomorrow - le 8 novembre.  May hand in le lundi 11 novembre, but may not be marked in time for report cards.
      • test -  les pronoms - le jeudi 14 novembre - review & practice to prepare.  Ask for extra help if you have questions.
      FSF 3U
      le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment mieux écrire en français.
      • Trip to Hamilton Francophone Film Festival is changed to Tues. Nov. 12, still  in the afternoon to see "Monsieur Lazhar.  
      • Essay writing contest: French for the Future - French essay writing contest  Introduced.  Students may choose to do this essay instead of the Bossu de Notre-Dame composition if they wish.  Must speak to Ms.K-J to discuss due dates and format.
      • leçon - l'imparfait - discussion, examples, note, handout - extra notes and practice activities to complete on own & check answers from answer keys posted at back of room.  Due le mercredi 13 novembre. A link to help: l'imparfait
      • Le Bossu de Notre-Dame:
        • Time to work on brainstorming, discussion & outline
        • follow handout of themes & possible questions/subjects for written project (parameters: 2 pgs. double-spaced, show understanding of book & connection to self or our society) - work on ideas & outline
        • will also be doing an oral assessment 
        • do summary (in French!).  Due tomorrow.  Include:
          • les personnages principaux
          • la scène (quand & où)
          • l'action (à peu près 5 phrases)
          • vocabulaire importante - entre 5 à 10 mots (see question C for ideas)
      • les devoirs:  20 - 30 minutes
        • Le Bossu de Notre-Dame -  resume - complete & hand in for Fri. Nov. 8
          • work on ideas & outline of composition

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