le lundi 18 novembre 2013

Reminder re: journal/blog.  We are in the 10th week of this assignment.  If you don't already have at least 8 entries done, get caught up.  See your handout or blog post "FIF 1D or FSF 3U journal/blog" in labels section for further details and topic ideas.  Due date: le 13 décembre.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment parler des événements au passé.
    • per. 2 Mlle Hasselman a fait une activité des textos
    • per. 4 - speaking activity - la fin de semaine, inner/outer circles
    • le passé composé + avoir - les verbes réguliers & irréguliers - leçon, discussion, SmartBoard, speaking, examples, note (see below for photos), fiche - les devoirs
    • les devoirs: 20 - 30 min
        • le passé composé - fiche de travail

        FSF 3U
        le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment parler des événements au passé.
        • Looked at some resources in BBC French website for home study: French slang, videos and activities for Shopping & mini-lesson - shopping
        • Essay writing contest: French for the Future - French essay writing contest   Students may choose to do this essay instead of the Bossu de Notre-Dame composition if they wish.  Must speak to Ms.K-J to discuss due dates and format if choosing this option.
        • le passé 
          • speaking activity - la fin de semaine - avec un sac à fèvres
          • activity - paragraph, in groups, wrote paragraph describing an afternoon this week using le passé composé, l'imparfait et le plus-que-parfait.  Presented & discussed.
          • assessment - le jeudi 21 nov. - paragraph done in class (can prepare outline ahead of time, can use notes) - 6 - 8 sentences - describe something done in the past week, show you can use le passé composé, l'imparfait & le plus-que-parfait.  Will be marked for communication & application
          • test le mardi 26 nov - le passé composé, l'imparfait & le plus-que-parfait 
          • make own note or mindmap to help understand the formation and use
        • Le Bossu de Notre-Dame:
          • follow handout of themes & possible questions/subjects for written project (parameters: 2 pgs. double-spaced, show understanding of book & connection to self or our society) - work on ideas & outline due le vendredi 22 nov.
          • will also be doing an oral assessment 
          • les devoirs:  20 - 30 minutes
            • Le Bossu de Notre-Dame - work on ideas & outline of composition
            • le passé - prepare for paragraph le 21 nov. & test le 26 nov.

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