le lundi 23 mars 2015

French-Canadian Juno nominated artists who did song-writing workshops with us on the Friday before the break.  Here are websites of the artists who worked with our classes:

FSF 1D  

le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons de nos activités.
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons de nos activités.
  • chanson: la Vie en rose - Edith Piaf La vie en rose - Sophie Milman  la Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf + lyrics  Discussed Edith Piaf briefly.  Watched La vie en rose - trailer
  • Speaking activity - in 3 parts - Ce que nous avons fait pendant le relâche de mars.  Brief review of le passé composé.
  • blog/journal - suggested topic this week - Mes projets pour le relâche de mars - au passé
  • le passé - le passé composé + être - finish handout package - 4 pages - for le vendredi 13 mars - written, checked, corrected - use answer keys posted in classroom and in photos below.  Checked if done.
    • Quiz - demain - le mardi 24 mars
  • Notre-Dame de Paris - Chapitre 4 –  checked questions ex. 2 & 3. 
  • les devoirs:
    • le passé composé + être -  Quiz le 24 mars.
    • blog/journal entry for this week.  Should have completed at least 5 entries by the end of this week.  See FIF journal/blog or handout given in February for more details.
    • Duolingo or suggestions in this post: Home Study extras


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