le vendredi 11 septembre 2015

Site of the day: Improve speaking with French-dubbed movies
learning goal: We are learning about narration.
  • Wrote short account of a recent event, then shared in small groups. 
  • Discussion of handout "Narration" and analyzed own story.
  • Read poem "Chance Encounter" and analyzed re: narration. Also discussed prose vs. poem.
  • No homework if all caught up for the work this week.  
    • May wish to add to note about presentation skills - Discuss with family, or find further information on internet. 
    • Or, may re-read handout on narration and poem "Chance Encounter"
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous apprenons comment parler de nous-mêmes.
  • oral assessment activity "Mon Introduction/Parler de moi-même" where students will introduce themselves by speaking and recording on Monday, September 14 in the library using the iPads with the apps/websites Explain Everything. Continued planning and did a quick rehearsal for timing. Started the cue card (many students finished in class), making brief notes in French -preferably in the form of a mind-map - see photo for an example below. Do not write sentences.  Think about simple sentences, not expressing complex thoughts as you can in English. Finish cue card for homework if not completed in class. 
    • Find 2 or 3 photos or images that you can use to illustrate your presentation. Upload the photos to your Google Drive or Dropbox or somewhere that they will be easy to retrieve to add to Explain Everything, or, bring in the item to photograph with the iPad on Monday. Photos are a very nice addition to your recording, but the speaking is the most important, so focus on the planning if you haven't finished that. 
  • Note: instead of Google Translate, use WordReference on-line dictionary . There are games and a verb conjugator available on that site and it is also available as a free app. Other good tools are Linguee on-line dictionary (good for expressions) , Le grand dictionnaire & Bescherelle (verb conjugations).
  • le film de vendredi: On Fridays, we usually watch a film in French with French subtitles where available as a part of the Listening Strand of the curriculum and also for Francophone culture. 
    • FIF 1D - Les vacances de M.Bean 
    • FSF 1D - Monsters, Inc.
  • Pas de devoirs pour la fin de semaine as long as all caught up. Students may wish to do some review or practice. See suggestions below.
    • Finish cue card for "Je me présente" if not completed in class. Find 2 or 3 photos or images. 
    • Home Study extras

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