le mardi 9 octobre 2012

le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Comment donner les directions.
  • Watched BBC French Ma France Preview video B and did some of the activities (click on button at bottom of video page).  These videos and activities are excellent for practise at home - an easy way to improve your French.
  • les directions:  Reviewed terms by moving around the classroom, listening activity (handout cahier pg. 9), written/matching activity (handout cahier pg. 10) and started the listening activity.
  • les devoirs: practise numbers or directions (say to self how to get home as you walk or take the bus)
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Comment parler des événements au passé.
  • le passé composé, l'imparfait, le plus-que-parfait  - discussed results of test last week and how to improve for re-test at end of next week - i.e. re-do your note, finish handouts given, review, find activities on internet (Tex's French Grammar, about.com, etc), then wrote and said sentences on own and together in groups for corrections - at least 3 sentences about activities from long Thanksgiving weekend - using all 3 tenses.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac 
  • les devoirs: review and pratise: le passé composé, l'imparfait, le plus-que-parfait.
GLC203I (careers)
le but d'apprentissage: Comment faire une lettre de présentation.
  • Curriculum Vitae - due Friday Oct 5, but could be handed in today without being counted as late.  Must still be handed in as it is a summative assessment - no marks will be deducted, but must be accompanied by late note (refer to papers in classroom or post on this blog).
  • Une lettre de présentation - introduction, handout example, PowerPoint presentation and discussion, time to start working.  We will have a work period tomorrow, and on Thursday, we will be in the computer lab to start typing.
  • les devoirs:  Do some work on cover letter to prepare for work period tomorrow.  Can bring own computer to class if wish tomorrow.

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