le vendredi 22 avril 2016

Site of the day: The Beginner's Guide: Learn How to Tell Time in French in No Time
FSF 2D  
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous évitons la répétition. 
learning goal: We are writing an essay for the novel Speak.
  • Speak - collecting essay  if done: "How is the novel Speak a relevant book in 2016?" 
  • Introduction to English writing from different time periods. Introduction to Shakespeare and Twelfth Night 
  • No homework if all caught up for the work this week. Some suggestions if you wish to do some work:
    • Speak - Essay writing- see above. Now due Mon. Apr. 25 and students are welcome to submit it earlier. If submitted after Apr 25, late - no penalty for marks, but will be required to complete Late Explanation sheet. 
    • Independent reading. Bring a book to read quietly in class for any time that you finish your class work early. Read regularly at home.
      FSF 1D  
      le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons des activités et des intérêts.
      • Qui suis-je game
      • Tu parles!1 
        • Student Book pgs.18-19 speaking and writing - les posters - les activités à Westdale - filled in template for new club at Westdale to create poster/flyer - will be due Tues April 26.
      • DVD either- Les Triplettes de Belleville ou L'homme avec la masque en fer
      • Pas de devoirs pour la fin de semaine as long as all caught up. Students may wish to do some review or practice - see: Home Study extras osuggestions below.

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