Le vendredi 8 avril 2016

Site of the day: Watchwords: Translation software can yield laughable results

FSF 2D  

le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons des événements au passé. 
  • Quand j'étais petit - speaking activity using l'imparfait 
  • Literature circles
  • Due today: Newspaper article - paying attention to use of le passé composé vs. l'imparfait. Use checklist and rubric to help with editing and have another student go over your article using checklist. You will be submitting all parts - brainstorm (qui, quoi, comment etc), plan (le triangle), draft, checklist/rubric & good copy. Due Fri Apr 8. 
  • DVD: Midnight in Paris
  • Pas de devoirs pour la fin de semaine as long as all caught up. Students may wish to do some review or practice - see: Home Study extras osuggestions below.
learning goal: We are reading the novel Speak.
  • Speak
    • Due today: discussion notes and vocabulary sentences. Use checklist (given in class Thurs and at this link:  Checklist - Speak Discussion Notes) to ensure best marks. 
    • puzzles for review - due Tues. April 12. May be done in small groups. 
    • Brainstorming in small groups about essay "How is the novel Speak a relevant book in 2016?". Assignment sheet and graphic organizer will be distributed probably Monday. There will be class time to work next week.
  • DVD: Hugo - take notes for possible movie review
  • No homework if all caught up for the work this week. Some suggestions if you wish to do some work:
    • Speak - see above - discussion/vocab notes for April 8, Puzzles for April 12.
    • Independent reading. Bring a book to read quietly in class for any time that you finish your class work early. Read regularly at home.
FSF 1D  
le but d'apprentissage (learning goal): Nous parlons de la culture.

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