le mardi 29 mai 2012

Journal/blog assignment was due Fri. May 18. See handout from February for details. Must still hand in, but must include note for late assignment (see blog post).
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment mieux comprendre une histoire.
  • Played board game to talk about "La Route de Chlifa"
  • Upcoming work/assessments:
    • le subjonctif -summative test Tues June 5  - 2 questions - A - présent subjonctif, indicatif or infinitif and passé - subjonctif, indicatif, infinitif- handouts to practice with answer keys at back of room.  Will be allowed to use one paper 8 1/2 x 11 " both sides as a reference page. Finish and check handouts and complete summary note (preferably done as a mind-map).
    • La Route de Chlifa/Incendies -  written report/reaction - brouillon due tomorrow for peer editing using handout given Monday, good copy due Fri. June 1.
    • la présentation orale - culminating. Introduced. Will be due week of June 11-15. Topic - your choice. Format - your choice (i.e. discours formel, PowerPoint, Prezzi, video, etc.). Length - 1 1/2 - 2 min. May do with a partner - 3 - 3 1/2  min. Objective - show what learned this year. Also will submit written outline.
  • les devoirs: 20 - 30 min. French - Chlifa, le subjonctif
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment éviter la répétition.
  • Watched Ma France Football B and played Ma France Football B pétanque
  • Speaking activity - le temps.
  • checked and corrected handout from yesterday, then said sentences to partner.
  • distributed and explained handouts for next 2 days.
  • game - les phrases mélangées + les pronoms
  • les devoirs:  20 min French
  • le but d'apprentissage: Comment éviter la répetition.
  • lesson - PowerPoint and handout - les pronoms objets directs & indirects
  • Watched Tête à Claques - speed-dating and skiing
  • Introduced Mind mapping - check google for examples and explanation.  Can use to make reference page for test - les pronoms - Fri June 1
  • Worked on pronoun cards and/or poem.
  • les devoirs:  20 - 30 min French - les pronoms, le poème

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