le mardi 1er mai 2012

Journal/blog assignment is due May 18. See handout from February for details.
Report Cards were distributed Thurs April 27.  Complete and return Response card.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment exprimer les opinions, les sentiments et les doutes.
  • Understanding different accents: Watched Tête à claque: Chips aux Ketchup & Tête à claque Le Willi Waller 2006
  • le subjonctif:  lesson - handout, practice (oral).
  • La Route de Chlifa: game - le tennis - asking and answering content questions with a partner.
    • Continue reading, discussion questions and written questions in groups and/or on own. 
    • Content quizzes start this week
      • Wed. May 2 (pgs. 15 – 32)
      • Thurs. May 3 (pgs. 33-55)
      • Fri. May 4 (pgs. 59 – 76
    • Organize your notes in your binder (title, date, complete, in order, neatly written, etc.
  • les devoirs:  Re-read La Route de Chlifa pgs. 15 - 32 to prepare for quiz tomorrow.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment parler des monstres.
  • Watched: Ma France: Kids and Pets C & Ma France: Adventure Sports A
  • Mon monstre:
    • Distributed brainstorm/planning sheet L'agenda and another resource vocabulary package. 
    • Co-created success criteria for the project and wrote on planning sheets.
    • work time.  The 2 idea/planning sheets are due on Fri May 4 with lots of detail.  Optional, create a second version of your plan, or start writing the brouillon (draft) when planning sheet is done.
  • les devoirs: 20 - 30 minutes of French
    • monster (create own model/ image/ photo etc) for Friday
    • Review passé composé or les adjectifs.
  • le but d'apprentissage:  Comment dramatiser une histoire.
  • La Machine à rajeunir:  discussion and note about success criteria for assignment to dramatise a chapter of novel with group for filming.  Chose groups and chapters.  Time to work.  Aim to be ready to film next Mon. May 7.
  • les devoirs: Re-read and review the chapter your group is filming.

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